The Dolphin is a local pub located near the airTeam office. Working with The Dolphin has been an experience that we’ve really enjoyed!


We first took on the client a few months after they had new management. The owner put together a crazy delicious menu, created a good brand but the name wasn’t out there, and people were unaware of what they offer.


It all began with a consultation, Matt our founder worked with the owner to establish the best strategy going forward to turn the brand of The Dolphin into a well known venue, with a great atmosphere.

The Solution:

After our initial consultation with The Dolphin we set out a full marketing strategy to increase the online brand awareness, Social Media engagement and offered some reputation management.


In just three months, the venue has overtook other local venues across Instagram – a big driver for generating lots of interest around the business. The account currently achieves an organic reach of up to 25,000 people per week, that’s without having to run any ads.


Across FaceBook, we’ve been running brand awareness advertisements alongside post engagement based ads. The Dolphin have a small advertising budget, so budget optimisation is considered carefully when working with the client. We’ve been able to achieve the very best results for the money spent.

Working with airTeam has enabled us to see a significant increase in awareness across our town. I've ended up building a great relationship with the team, which is something I'm really happy about.