Shnack is simply known for being a community driven listing site, helping those with dietary requirements live a better lifestyle. The project was pulled in by our founder.

When our team first discovered Shnack, it was simply an idea with some sketches. Our team helped to further develop the idea of Shnack, running multiple workshops, consulting and putting together basic wireframes.

The platform required three layers of functionality:

  1. A platform for users: Users need to be able to create accounts, leave reviews and save their favourite venues.
  2. Venues: Venues listed on the platform needed to be able to have their own dashboard, to enable the ability to manage reviews, listings and run ads inside of the site.
  3. Admins: The team at Shnack had a lot of management, to keep the community thriving. So a third layer of functionality needed to be developed to enable this.

Extra Features:

We also developed a complex search functionality. Venues create listings which then appear on a map, built around the Google Maps API. You’re able to search an interactive map, where you can be directed to the landing page of your chosen listing.



Of course, we’re addicted to innovating new ideas and that’s where we came together to propose a Chatbot, partly powered by AI.


The vision was to be able to speak with a ChatBot, powered by some AI, and placed on both the website and FaceBook page. The bot  would ask for a location, dietary requirement and then search the Shnack database for relevant listings.


We’re extremely proud for what we’ve come up with for Shnack. Chatbot marketing has been very powerful, since any user who interacts with the bot is ‘subscribed’ to a Messenger marketing list. Shnack are then able to send marketing promotions directly to their users, through Social Media.