Meet Morale:

Morale is unique Skate shop and community based in Shrewsbury. The company approached us after being referred to us by a previous client. Their goal was to simply expand as a company, and increase the sales.


After having a number of meetings, and a consultation we felt that their goal was simply being held back because of one thing… Morale were only selling out of the shop, in a small town. We advised them to consider selling online, where they’ll be able to reach new customers and receive orders from any part of the world.

Our Solution:

We decided to build Morale an eCommerce site, powered by Shopify. As the company is fairly new, it was important to ensure that we considered implementing the best third party tools to help fully understand how traffic interacts with the online store.

After a number of weeks designing and developing the site, we achieved a great looking skate store that was easy to use for both the customer and Morale team.


Since the launch of the site, Morale have received orders from across the USA and Europe!