Smart Turnout:

Smart Turnout is a British watch and accessories shop brand in London.


Smart Turnout first came to us when they were looking to grow their audience, specifically on Instagram. At this time, they already had a built up audience but were seeing very little interaction across the content that they were posting.

Our Solution:

The solution was simple – Find potential customers on Instagram, engage with their content and try to build as much attention between the brand and advocates as possible, without having to run any ads.


In six months, the brand has reached a total audience of 13K on Instagram, and is continuing to grow. We’ve achieved this without running any ads which has enabled the brand to see a much higher ROI.


Our Strategy in further detail was to find competitors/or brands with the target audience that Smart Turnout also have. Our team would then go through the audiences, and handpick usernames that we think are advocates to the brand.


We run a strategy involving community engagement, where we would carefully interact and keep up to date with potential customer content. The goal is to simply turn each username into a follower of the brand, and later convert those into sales through powerful content.