The term ‘engagement rate’ is commonly mistaken for being measured on just one post, instead of a number of posts. Engagement is the percentage of your followers that like and comment on your Instagram posts. For example, if you post a photo that gets 9 likes and 1 comment, and you have 1,000 followers, the engagement on that post is (9+1)/1000 = 1%.

How to work out your engagement

It’s much easier than it looks!
Let’s say you have 2,400 followers on your account, your engagement is measured by the number of likes and comments combined per post, divided by the number of followers that you have.

For example:
Let’s say your total likes were 150 and you had 8 comments, you would need to do the following calculation:

150 + 8 = 158

You then need to take this number and divide it by your total followers, and times it by 100, this will give you your engagement percentage.

158 / 2,400 x 100 = 6.58%

Your total engagement rate for this post is 6.58% which is sitting in the middle of the average engagement rate on Instagram.


Calculating a profile’s overall engagement is a little more complex. To establish a trend, you need to first average the likes and comments over the most recent 12 posts. If there are fewer than 12 new posts in the last 90 days, the average is still taken over 12, producing a time-weighted average that’s lower for less active accounts.

If your profile has fewer than 1,000 followers, then this may not be for you as early followers tend to engage more highly because of personal affiliation.

Calculating the overall engagement:

Let’s take my personal account for example @MattBellMusic. I’ve got 20,253 followers. To calculate my overall engagement, I need to calculate the engagement for each of the last 12 posts. (Follow the same formula above for each post)

Post one: 1,775 + 23 = 1,798

Post two: 1,811+ 66 = 1,877

Post three: 2,076 + 42 = 2,118

Post four: 1,977 + 57 = 2,034

Post five: 1,514 + 23 = 1,537

Post six: 1,315 + 66 = 1,381

Post seven: 933 + 4 = 937

Post eight: 1,869 + 151 = 2,020

Post nine: 1,265 + 88 = 1,353

Post ten: 913 + 65 = 978

Post eleven: 849 + 74 = 923

Post twelve: 891 + 21 = 912

Total amount of engagements =17,868

Engagement percentage = 17,868 divided by 20,253 x 10 = 8.82%

So my accounts engagement rate from the last twelve posts would be 8.82%.

Quite a tedious task right? 😛

What’s a good engagement rate?

At airTeam, we believe that an engagement rate of 7% or more is a strong engagement rate but of course, this also depends on the amount of followers that you have. We would never class an account with 500 followers, and a 15% engagement rate a good engagement rate, because it’s likely that the majority of these engagements have a personal affiliation with the account.

The average engagement rate is usually between 4–7%

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