In this article, I’m going to show you how to enable your users to share your Chatbot with friends, and track each referral.

For this tutorial, I’ll be using ManyChat. You should already have a working Chatbot setup to understand this tutorial, if you don’t have one setup then feel free to checkout my other articles on how to get started.

In my example, I’m going to be subscribing users to a Chatbot built for a restaurant. If the customer refers a friend, then they both get to claim the offer.

Getting Started:

Head over to ManyChat, and create a sequence. We’re going to subscribe certain users to a sequence that delivers an offer, the offer can be claimed once the subscriber shares a Messenger card with a friend. Go ahead and create a brand new sequence.

In the sequence, you want to create a Messenger card, put in a title and some descriptive text about your offer.

Then, create two buttons. One will be a website link, and the other will be the default share button. For now, leave the two buttons blank. You should now have something that looks like this:

Exit out of this, head over to growth tools and create a new growth tool. You’ll need to then select the Messenger Ref URL.

This is where we setup the tracking of who refers who. First of all, the opt-in message is what the person who has been referred see’s after clicking the get started button. For now, you can leave the default opt-in message and edit this later on. Click on the next button.

Now you need to create a an ID to track the person who made the referral. Save this in the “ Ref parameter” I’m going to call mine ‘friend’.

Next, create the payload — this is pretty much a custom field that will be attached to each user.

Once you have done this, click on save and a Ref URL will be generated. You now want to copy this, and head back over to the sequence that we made earlier.

Once you’re back in the sequence, you want to make sure that you select the “share this card” option for the share button. This allows your friend to directly share the message with friends.

Now click onto the get started button. You need to select the open website option, and then paste the URL which you copied earlier on.

At the moment, nothing will really happen when a user clicks on this, so we need to add some attributes so you can track who referred them.

At the end of the URL, add two hypens “ — “ followed by either the full name attribute or user ID. To write an attribute do the following {{attribute}}, as soon as you open the two curly braces you should see a selection of options, click on the full name option (you may need to scroll down for this).

Now my URL looks something like this: https://m.me/755313564844647?ref=friend–{{fullname}}

You can now click publish this sequence, and head over to flows. Remember earlier, I mentioned the opt-in message for new users in this sequence?

Well, if you click on Opt-In messages, you can select the message and edit it. I’d recommend having something really simple with a button which leads to another flow where they get the offer.

Now it’s time test things out! I have manually subscribed my personal account to the sequence, and I’m going to share this with my other account…here’s the message that I received from my other account.

When i click on get started on my other account, I become a subscriber of the page and receive the opt-in message:

Okay, here’s the best part. If I head over to audience on ManyChat, I can see my other account is a new subscriber! If I click onto the account, I can see how the account opted-in, and who referred them:

So now you have the ability to subscribe people to a sequence that allows them to share a card with a friend. You can use this to build your Messenger marketing list quite quickly, and track who opted in who by segmenting these audiences.

This is so useful when running campaigns, the same process could be applied across Messenger broadcasts.

Don’t forget to create some rules and decide on who should be subscribed to the sequence.

For those who want to go even more advanced, consider adding tags for when the user has shared the card. This then enables you to track how many people didn’t share the card, you can then add a second stage to your campaign to target those who still haven’t referred anyone.

Want to learn more about how a Chatbot or Messenger marketing could benefit your business? Get in touch with us today!

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