Outside of our consulting, we offer a range of services provided by our talented and committed team.
You'll only work with the best.

Our process is simple.

We prefer to take a different approach when working with any client. Typically an agency will provide you with a fixed or monthly quote, for a specific service. airTeam is different, as we’re all about consultations, small retainers, and great work.

You'll meet a consult who specialises in a one or more fields. The consultant will go through your current strategy, and understand your goals and weaknesses.

Your consultant will set out a strategy and plan, demonstrating how we'll aim to achieve your goals, identify KPIs and create the best solution for your company.

This is when you'll meet our great team. Your consultant acts as an account manager, whilst the team execute on the strategy developed by your consultant.

Your Success
Is Ours

Part of our company culture requires every team member to personally invest themselves with our clients. Whether that's getting to know them personally, or inviting them out for a coffee.. It's how we build the best relationships, and deliver great work.

We're A Full Service Agency

We work both project based, and monthly retainers. Some of our main areas of expertise include:

Web Development

Web app development, basic web development, site migration and hosting. We cover the main areas of development!

Growth Hacking

Growth hacking is something we love to do. It involves a number of carefully put together strategies, achieving high growth with a very small spend.

Digital Marketing

From Social Media marketing to email marketing to PPC and SEO. We’re full-service when it comes to digital marketing.

Video Marketing

We’ll visit your office, create powerful story telling through great video, and then market this to your target audience. Video is a powerful way to market a brand!

Chatbot Development

Chatbots are the future. Save time and money, by using Chatbots to handle customer service. Chatbots also allow you to start Messenger marketing.

Story Telling

Storytelling is the future of Content Marketing, utilising it allows you to really connect with your audience.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is a great way to achieve brand awareness with little spend. We have the tools, and strategy to help you achieve endless amounts of organic engagement.

App Development

Got an idea for a new app? We’d love to hear more! Building an app for your business can help to keep your customers engaged. Why not deliver exclusive offers to those who have an app?

Graphic Design

We’re creative thinkers, so we love to design. Whether it’s UI, logo design or branding, we love to get involved!