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The Dolphin

Social Amplification

The Dolphin was one of our first clients, they’re a local pub in the centre of Shrewsbury. Before working with the client, there were very few people in Shrewsbury who knew about the delicious menu that they have. Through planned advertising, Instagram marketing and Local SEO, our team played a big part in helping the company to take off.

We’ve been running monthly targeted advertisements which all have the aim to reach the majority of the population around Shrewsbury. Through strong content, and powerful ad sets we’ve generated the pub a bigger audience across both Instagram and FaceBook who are all actively engaging with the company.

On a recent campaign boosting one of their events, our team was able to generate a cost per event response of £0.21 which saw a big boost in event attendance.

Our team also promote their vegan menu which has helped the company to further stand out in their local area.

Average Weekly Impressions: 15,000 people around Shrewsbury. Likes: 3,000 Clicks to directions: 80-100 per month.
Weekly followers: 240+ per week. Engagement rate increase: 8.7% Call to actions: 105 - 130 per week. Generated organically, with the use of organic engagement strategies.