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A team of world class consultants, specialised in multiple areas

What we've achieved

airTeam has made it possible for many entrepreneurs, startups, innovators and brands reach new audiences, and turn their ideas into products they love.

We’ve created disruptive marketing campaigns through growth hacking, whilst also working with founders to develop ideas into complex software.

We don't operate like an agency

Although airTeam is made up of some great talent, we don’t price our services around large agency margins. We personalise every relationship with every one of our clients. Don’t expect account managers, expect close partners and new friends!

What we look for

We love working with startups, who have big visions, and nothing beats working with an ambitious company or entrepreneur. We get along well with those who have passion, and a great vision.

To date, we’ve experienced the following:


Of our clients refer new clients to us


Companies have worked with us from the start


Highly talented and ambitious people help to deliver our projects

A team who work strength to strength

With our pool of ambitious talent and collaboration, our expertise covers a variety of areas. We’re best know for working with tech startups, eCommerce companies, and unique brands.

Growth hacking

It’s all about achieving growth through organic acquisition, using code, marketing and data.


Customer on boarding, sales process, churn analysis, retention models

Product Development

Web & mobile development, back end development, MVP prototyping

Brand Development

Create a strong brand through powerful story telling, design and content

Revolutionary tech

Machine learning, Chatbots, Blockchain, AR/VR, Data Science

Digital Marketing

We aim to deliver something disruptive, whether that’s through Social, email or search engine marketing

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Unit 2 Nexus

T: +447428127744
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